Blackjack HALO Attack with Antique Micarta

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blackjack HALO
blackjack HALO

This Blackjack Model 14 HALO Attack Border Patrol features a 7 1/2″ convex grind blade of 1/4″ thick A2 high carbon tool steel. Antique Micarta handles with Finger Grooves. Full double guard. Full length tang construction. Lanyard hole.
High quality leather sheath.
12 1/4″ overall length.
A2 is a high speed tool steel. While considered by many to be a superior hard use steel it is prone to discoloration, tarnish and rust.

Limited Edition: Para Military 2 CF 52100 PE




Para Military 2 CF 52100 PE
Para Military 2 CF 52100 PE

Spyderco Para Military 2 CF here at New Graham Knives

Limited Edition Spyderco Para Military 2 with stunning peel-ply-textured solid carbon fiber scales and a high-carbon 52100 plain edge blade.
The full flat ground plain edge blade is machined from 52100 tool steel – best known as the steel used for ball bearings. This classic steel provides exceptional wear resistance and edge hold qualities – however, as a non-stainless steel, must be maintained properly to avoid corrosion. The thumb area and index finger choil both have jimping for extra purchase while working the knife.
The handle – peel-ply-textured solid carbon fiber scales features sturdy nested stainless steel liners for excellent structural strength. The Compression lock mechanism is a high-strength user-friendly lock that allows safe and easy one-handed operation. The handle is drilled and tapped on all four corners allowing for right or left side tip-up or tip-down carry with the stainless pocket clip. Lined lanyard hole.
Blade length: 3 7/16″
Closed length: 4 3/4″.

X7 Marauder 9000 Lumen by Olight


X7 Marauder 9000 Lumen
X7 Marauder 9000 Lumen

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The Olight X7 Marauder is a portable LED flashlight with a side-switch delivering a maxium output up to 9,000 lumens. It is powered by four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries of high discharging current, with an output range from 3 to 9,000 lumens. Featuring an orange-peel aluminum reflector, couples with three four-core light-emitting XHP70 LED, it gives a balanced beam that meets the need for middle and close-range, wide-area illumination. It is also suitable for illumination occasions such as large gatherings or spacious venues where strong lights are needed.
–Uses three top-class cool white CREE XHP70 LEDs with a total of 12 light-emitting cores.
–A maximum output of 9,000 lumens which is great for strong illumination and a minum output of 3 lumens, wiich is suitable for long periods of use at night.
–Uses four 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries (3500mAh) that helps to deliver a constant output of 1000 lumens for over six hours.
–The side switch controls the flashlight, which has three common brightness levels: 3000 lumens, 1000 lumens and 300 lumens, plusturbo mode (Turbo S: 9000 lumens and Turbo: 5500 lumens), nightime mode : 3 lumens and a strobe at 10Hx.
–Controlled by ATM (Active Thermal Management), the built-in thermal sensor monitors the internal tempature of the flashlight in real-time. When the temperature gets too high, then flashlight will control the heat through reducing output, therefor keeping the surface temperature suitable for hand holding.


–Turbo S: 9000 lumens for 2.5 minutes then 1800 lumens for 200 minutes.
–Turbo: 5500 lumens for 8 minutes then 1800 lumens for 215 minutes.
–High: 3000 lumens for 32 minutes, then 1800 lumens for 200 minutes.
— Medium: 1000 lumens for 6.5 hours.
–Low: 300 lumens for 18 hours.
–Nightlight: 3 lumens for 30 days.
Folks, this is a beast.
–This comes without batteries or an appropriate charger.
We recommend:::
—NCI4CHARGER – a four bay multi-use charger.
—OL186503600 rechargeable lithium battery.
Both of which are sold separately.
FOLKS, THIS A BEAST OF A LIGHT. Once you get the batteries and charger, you can run this for pennies….

Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife

Drop forged Boot Knife
Boot knife

The Drop Forged Boot Knife is a knife designed for concealed carry. With a keen double-edged 5″ blade and needle sharp tip, it’s a substantial and shockingly effective last ditch self-defense tool, but thanks to its slim profile and one-piece construction it carries remarkably flat without ‘printing’. The Drop Forged Boot Knife is strong, sharp, and thanks to its handle-heavy design it has tremendous piercing power. Includes Secure-Ex hardshell sheath with UltiClip fastening system.
–WEIGHT: 6.4oz
–HANDLE: 4″ Long
–STEEL/MATERIAL: Bronze finished 52100 High Carbon Steel

Cold Steel Drop Forged Boot Knife at New Graham Knives

Drop Forged Survivalist

Drop Forged Survivalist at New Graham Knives

Drop Forged Survivalist
Drop Forged Survivalist

The Survivalist is the largest of Cold Steel’s Monolithic knives. It’s long, wide, 52100 High Carbon blade (inspired by the ever-popular Recon Scout) is designed for military application as well as hunting, survival & bush-craft.
–WEIGHT: 18.3 oz.
–HANDLE 5″ Long
–STEEL/MATERIAL: Bronze finished 52100 High Carbon
–ADDITIONAL FEATURE: Secure-Ex Sheath with Nylon Belt Loop

Emerson Knives

Since the companies founding in 1997 by knifemaker Ernest Emerson, Emerson Knives has become one of the dominant forces in the knife industry. With iconic designs like the CQC-7 and Commander, Emerson Knives has become a mainstay among police, military, and civilian users. With the patented Wave opening feature, chisel ground blades, and aggressive G-10 handle scales, Emerson Knives are no nonsense cutting tools that are counted on by people around the world when it matters most. Check out our lineup of Emerson Knives for sale and put a dependable, hard use folder of fixed blade in your pocket today.

William Henry Knives

William Henry Knives @ New Graham Knives

William Henry is an American luxury brand devoted to the vision of designing and building superlative functional jewelry crafting collections that integrate form and function into exquisite and unique pieces that belong to a category all their own.  Designer and entrepreneur Matt Conable founded the company in 1997 and is now the sole owner. The brand was established creating exclusive and award-winning pocket knives, effectively transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb piece of functional jewelry for men. Today’s collections include writing instruments, money clips, cuff links, golf tools, and William Henry has proudly grown to become one of the most admired and sought after brands in the world of luxury for men.

The seamless integration of classic natural materials, precious metals & gemstones, and state-of-the-art alloys is a hallmark of William Henry’s work.

But what makes this brand so distinctive is that it has proudly retained the aura and feel of an artisan workshop, where every piece is designed and created exclusively in small, limited, often unique editions. “For many premium watch brands, an edition of 1,000 numbered pieces might be an ‘exclusive’ offering” – says Matt Conable. “At William Henry, that would be the largest and least exclusive offering in our history.”

Hand-forged tapestries in metal, chisel carved silver, hand-burnished gold inlay, fine hand engraving, exotic materials, and inlaid gemstones are interwoven into stunning pieces of timeless stature. The distinctive character of the artistry and the personality of the materials make this brand’s every creation truly unique. No two pieces are alike.

“I like the idea that William Henry’s creations strike a personal chord in our clients” – says Conable.  “Every now and then, it is important to invest in objects that are personal, immediately useful, yet timeless in their appeal and relevance – these rare pieces are imbued with the personality of their owners, and become part of their living legacy”.

Matt Conable founded the company with the belief that he could create objects he could be proud of and that would stand the test of time; and that he could take care of people along the way, building a culture more akin to a family than a corporation, a studio than a factory.  That’s the dream that started William Henry, and that’s the dream we live today.

Knife Care Products: Sentry Solutions


Sentry Solutions Tuf- Cloth

Lint Free Cloth treated with Sentry Tuf Glide. Revolutionary protection against rust, friction and wear for knives, firearms and all kinds of sports gear. A superior alternative to oil and silicone rags that provides long lasting, lint free cleaning, lubrication and protection. Tuf-Cloth out performs the competition thirteen to one in any weather condition.

Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide
Sentry Solutions Tuf-Glide

A dry film rust inhibitor and lubricant, replacing oils and silicones. Designed to be used with TUF-CLOTH™ and MARINE TUF-CLOTH™ it makes difficult to access areas of firearms and equipment easier to protect. TUF-GLIDE™ should be used on all types of metal finishes, and woods for protection and lubrication. It makes oil and silicone products obsolete.
Sentry uses state-of-the-art dry film technology to make TUF-GLIDE™ a superior, long-lasting product for both rust protection and lubrication. Sentry developed a proprietary formula of dry film rust inhibitors and lubricants which have a natural affinity for metals. Pure mineral spirits is the carrier, so TUF-GLIDE™ is fast drying and easy to apply.

TUF-GLIDE™ penetrates hard to access areas and displaces water. It provides cleaning, rust protection and lubrication. Pure mineral spirits carries the active ingredients and provides cleaning action. It evaporates, and Sentry’s proprietary ingredients bond to the surface; this bonding ensures long-lasting effectiveness.
TUF-GLIDES’ waterproof protection will not wash off and won’t thicken in the cold (even down to -40°F/-40°C).

It will not attract dirt like oil-based products, nor is it a slippery film like silicone. It is great to use on wood and is safe for most plastics.

All Sentry Solutions products are available at New Graham Knives